Two Pieces of Flash Fiction

Hello there! This isn’t a scheduled blog post, but rather something I’ve put up here just for fun. Currently I am taking an online course in how to sell yourself (since, as Frank Zappa once said: “art is making something out of nothing and then selling it.”) and have briefly mentioned my writing there. Someone on that site wanted to read some of my stuff, saying they liked “short fiction”. As I live to please, I have dredged through my hard drive and fished up the only two surviving examples of flash fiction I have (with the others being lost to time). Here we go.

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Day 6: Synopses 2 – Electric Boogaloo

About the image, don’t ask. Couldn’t think of an appropriate image so you get a WoW selfie.

I’ve done it! After a lot of work and worries that I’d have to eat my own words, I have successfully condensed my entire story idea into one page. It has the tentative working title of War Stores. I was thinking Store Wars but that would be pointless pun given that this has nothing to do with Star Wars. Anywhere, here it is. The whole dish-darn thing:

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Right then.

My name is Jamie O’Flinn, but on the internet I go by Huffbuh. There’s a story behind that. For a good long while I’ve been writing and learning how to draw because I’m a fancy-pants creative type who enjoys making art in order to silence the demons within
entertain people. Anyway I decided to make this here blog in order to start cataloguing my growth as both a writer and a drawer of things and thought “what better time to start than NaNoWriMo?”

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