World of Warcraft: The Idea of Limitless Grinding and the Future of Hardcore Guilds

When I first started this blog I warned that I’d be talking about World of Warcraft a lot, and so far I haven’t really kept to that promise/threat. I spoke a couple of months ago about how the community’s perception of class balance was itself creating imagined imbalances that placed a lot of needless constraints and pressure on nearly the entire endgame community. Creating problems for themselves is a constant feature of WoW’s playerbase; and today I’m going to look at another system that players use as a noose to fasten around their necks: Artifact Power.

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Steven Universe, Peridot, and Autism: A Troubling Narrative

Peridot is autistic. We need to establish this fact here and now. I don’t care if it hasn’t been stated in canon. I don’t care you think it’s reaching. I don’t care that this a children’s cartoon about genderless space rocks. Peridot is one autistic space Dorito, and that’s a fact beyond dispute. I know it. You know it. Everybody knows it. That girl’s on the spectrum.

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The Papyrus Selfie – Finishing Things When You Don’t Want To

This is a drawing I’ve been working on for quite a while, and one I wanted to give up on fairly early in its creation. I had made too many mistakes. Everything was all wrong. Trying to cover up the cavalcade of errors was more trouble than just starting fresh. Even now, after way too much time spent trying to polish the picture, a million flaws jump out at me, and it makes me wonder whether I really want my drawings on this blog at all, or just my writing.

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Balance and Public Perception in World of Warcraft

What? You thought my writing and art blog would talk about writing and art? Well, turns out I’m a maverick. With the attention span of a gnat. Also it’s not November yet, so…

World of Warcraft: Legion came with a redesign of pretty much every single spec in the game (of which there are currently thirty-six) and this has ignited some pretty lengthy discussions about balance, and whether Blizzard are on target or not. Now, I’m no more qualified than any other of the literal billions of people talking about it, but this is my blog, so I’m essentially right already.

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Right then.

My name is Jamie O’Flinn, but on the internet I go by Huffbuh. There’s a story behind that. For a good long while I’ve been writing and learning how to draw because I’m a fancy-pants creative type who enjoys making art in order to silence the demons within
entertain people. Anyway I decided to make this here blog in order to start cataloguing my growth as both a writer and a drawer of things and thought “what better time to start than NaNoWriMo?”

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