Drew it: Coven of the Shivarra

Nearly a month since my last picture!? I know it’s a well-worn excuse ’round ‘ere, but I’ve been busy!

17. Coven of the Shivarra V2 (Small).png

This was one of my most difficult drawings to do yet. I came in with a mind to take the source material that is the Coven of the Shivarra and really tone down how sexualized their presentation is (much to the chagrin of most of my male guildies), since my portfolio has been free of that sort of thing so far.

I wanted to go with a lit stained glass style, as if it were a church window, using the floor of the room the fight takes place in as inspiration for the border. I wanted each mother to have their own little corner with a background that represents them (Bottom left, Thu’raya, Mother of Cosmos, should probably be green, but after the last few pictures can you blame me for wanting to work with different colours?) and in the center I wanted Cheok, both looking like shattered glass, and sporting injuries evocative of what the coven might have done to Varimathras, hence his missing eyes and mutilated jaw.

I was INCREDIBLY ill equipped to habdle this kind of style, however. Line work has always been my weak point and an image like this lives or dies on its line work. Throughout the long, LONG period of drawing this I learned a LOT of new techniques for strong, clean line work, out of necessity more than anything else. There are parts of the finished product where the line work is shaky because I simply didn’t have time to redo every part once I improved – though Cheok himself got three separate coats of paint.

I think by the time we get to the Mother of Cosmos, though, I’m putting out cleaner line work than ever before. Between that and continued advancements in my own knowledge of shading/texturing, I’m happy to say I don’t regret doing this picture – something I very much felt when I was in the middle of it; that terrible quagmire where you’ve already put countless hours into it and it still looks so messy and a good image is just impossible to visualise.

Unfortunately, this took me so long that Varimathras is only a few pulls away from dead now, so I’d better get cracking.

(Note: I plan to do make an Instagram soon to show off my artwork a little better – I’ll do a quick blog post when that goes up.)

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