Drew It: Kin’garoth, Engineer of the Apocalypse

After my little break with Imonar, it was time to get back to the tough stuff

16. Kin'garoth V2.png

This here is Kin’garoth. Originally my goals for this drawing were to a) work with heavy darkness and see if I can still make it distinct and not a dark hazy smudge, and b) try to get some depth of field with the background. Kin’garoth’s room in-game has long corridors filled with fel reavers and hazy smoke and I think they look gorgeous. I knew I wouldn’t have it in me to effectively draw all of that without making the image look VERY cluttered, but I at least wanted to get a sense of space behind him.

The decision to go completely lineless, something I’ve never done before, only came in about 5 hours into this (very long) drawing process.

Kingaroth WIP

Here’s where I was going 5 hours in, and it was, you know, FINE, but I could tell it wasn’t quite going where I wanted it to in my mind’s eye. So I did what I always do in that situation. I spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours throwing things at the wall to see what sticks.


To take a trip down memory lane to whole entire MONTHS ago, here’s Mistress Sassz’ine. She might not look it, but she took me ~18 hours to draw, just because I barely knew what I was doing and I spent so long trying things out to see how they looked. So it went with Kin’garoth.

There’s a lot of leaps of faith that go into drawing, for me. I don’t have *that* much experience yet so I can’t say for sure what outcome I’m going to get when I put digital pen to digital paper. For 90% of the process, what I’m drawing looks awful until the finishing touches finally bring it together. I’m happy to say that after several sketchy, uncertain hours, I’m pretty pleased with how Kin’garoth came out. There’s things I’d change, but that’s largely because I went through so many different experimental techniques before finding the “right” way to do what I want to do. I’ll definitely look into working without line art again, some time.

Imgur link for larger image: https://imgur.com/31rZrLu


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