Drew It: Eonar…’s Room

Sorry about the wait! I’ve actually got more pictures for this blog, but I won’t spam them out. Here’s Eonar’s room for starters.

Eonar Clean.png

I could have just drawn Eonar herself but I figured since she’s not the actual boss, and it’s more this room, I might as well get some much needed landscape practise in.

This one took me a while, and the biggest problem for me was the line work. What you’re seeing now is actually a complete rework after the picture – hence the wait. I went and drew Hasabel first for my guild, and then came back to treat myself to some better line work.

I’ve traditionally had two big problems when drawing landscapes. Firstly, my tendency to get really hung up on little details usually ends up with an overall picture that becomes a vague mush of colour – an indistinguishable smudge. This was a huge problem for me with the earlier Avatar of Sargeras picture. I think the problem is that I’m not naturally inclined to “skip” detail. So I’ll zoom way way in and try to treat tiny background objects with the same diligence as large foreground objects. Of course, the background stuff just ends up becoming a smudge in the process. I’ll also be too subtle and gradual with my colour change, since, to my mind, those are the actual colours of what I’m drawing. I’ve learned that I need to emphasise contrast beyond what might feel natural just to get a proper sense of depth. A bit like diction in fiction (hah, rhymes), you have to take liberties to get it to work, I guess.

The second problem, and one I’m not entirely convinced I’ve solved here, is all my landscape attempts end up looking like they were done by a five year old. Blue smudgy sky, flat green grass, big blocky house, dull yellow sun. To get a proper sense of depth, density, distance, light… it’s something I’m going to have to spend a LOT of time working on. I don’t think I’ve cracked it here, but I think I’ve come closer than I ever have before.

Here’s the imgur link for a larger image: https://imgur.com/kOynf3a

Seeya soon for Hasabel, which is already done and dusted.

BONUS: Here’s the original line work, which was far too close to flat five year old work. As well as, for a curiosity, what it looks with no line work whatsoever.


Eonar No Line



3 thoughts on “Drew It: Eonar…’s Room

  1. That is gorgeous. And it’s still so great to see how it looks “in the making”, it really gives an idea of the amount of time spent on it. I do not see the “done by a five year old.” at all 🙂 The depth is showing too, so keep at it, that must be one of the hardest parts 😀

    The “room” is stunning on it’s own, and I cannot wait to explore it in game without a group sometime, so I can take my time.

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    1. It’s quite a surreal experience running the boss having drawn the room. I find myself looking at it from every single angle and relating it to bits that I’ve drawn. Might have to draw it from other angles one day – if I can find the time 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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