Drew it: Admiral Svirax (Antoran High Command)

Still catching up on the boss kill pictures. Not sure where the time’s going, tbh; it’s not as if my days are that jam-packed…

Antoran High Command.png

Took a step up in complexity from the rather rushed Hound, but have still cheated in several ways. Namely, not drawing all 3 bosses (you never see them at the same time to be fair!) and not drawing Svirax’s wings because good lord they’d make the picture so busy. We can pretend they’re tucked behind her back somehow.

Blended a paint-esque style with my messy sketch style and I think it came out reasonably well. I spent so much time drawing and redrawing this, though. I’m still absolutely awful with faces. Even stylised demonic ones. Still, practise is practise is practise! I am quite proud of how distinctly she stands out in the foreground. What with there being so much green there was always the risk everything would muddy together. Going back a few months to my Avatar picture, the reason I threw in so many extreme points of glowing light was to try and alleviate that very problem. Could be that my grasp of colours is improving and helping me create a better depth of field. Could just be the fact that she’s mugging the camera.

We’ll find out the answer to that – and more – with the Eonar picture! Coming soon!

Imgur link for larger image: https://imgur.com/a/AaSao

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