Drew It: A Hound of Sargeras

Due to various failures in time management, I had to make a somewhat quicker job of this one.

Hounds of Sargeras.png

I am proud of how the line work came out. I do like to do cartoony/comic-worthy pictures. If I had more time I’d have done a full body of both dogs in different poses, but my guild’s just doing too darn well and I’m already so many bosses behind. See you soon for the Antoran High Command!

Enjoy some of the WIPs below. Like I say, I’m fond of the line art enough as it is, without the bells and whistles!

Hounds of Sargeras Line Art.png

Hounds of Sargeras Basic.png

Link for higher res images: https://imgur.com/a/qR3Eh

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