Drew it: Garothi Worldbreaker

Happy new year! I’m not dead, I promise!


So amidst all sorts of other stuff, Mythic progress has resumed with my guild in Antorus, which means more kill videos for me to illustrate. First up is this lovely fellow, and my god it’s horrible how complicated Blizzard’s character designs are. Still, having to fit in all that detail is definitely good practise.

I’m trying to develop something of a personal style, which involves lots of texture in the colouring and shading, and “neon” lines. I have deliberately gone over the original linework with rougher lines in bright colours. I think it adds a lot of mood to the things I’m drawing.

And all this practise is, in fact, paying off! I don’t want to talk too much about it until the details are more solid, but let’s just say your man’s going to get paaaaaaaaaaaaid.

Imgur link for larger image: https://imgur.com/oJrocLM

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