Fallen Avatar – DRAWN

Our guild is now progressing Fallen Avatar Mythic, which as you may know, is a heckin’ difficult boss. So I’ve prepared a nice fancy image for the kill video for when he’s down.


This took me 12 hours to do, and unlike with previous pictures I specifically set myself the task of taking 12 hours – I want to see what kind of artwork I can produce in that time if I push myself, as that is the length of time I have been commissioned for with an upcoming art piece. This meant that when the clock struck 12, I stopped working on it, even if I’d like to have touched up a few more things (and to be honest, I probably could have done that forever)


Despite being on the clock (so to speak) I still allowed myself plenty of experimentation. Even if I’m earning a few pennies with my drawing now, I’ve still got plenty to learn, so I still use each and every picture as an opportunity to try something new. With Fallen Avatar it was the deep angular lines and heavy blacks to give the man himself a strong, solid presence in the picture. And a good thing, too, because with the chaotic madness that is the floor being split apart, there were times when it was difficult to draw the viewer’s eye anywhere amidst the mess. The glow effect I gave him was a last ditch effort to make sure he and his sword were the focal points of the image.

I don’t regret how visceral I made the floor cracking apart – it certainly gets the explosive action across well enough – but “making sure the big muscly statue still stands out in the image” was not an issue I came into the picture expecting to face.

For some fun, let’s see how this guy shaped up during my 12 hours drawing him.


Here is the “super rough” image, where I try to get a feel for general dimensions. This, as you can imagine, didn’t take long.


After that we go from “super rough” to merely “rough”. Here I make the lines in more or less the shape I expect them to be when we’re done, as well as add in basic colour. The colours tend to be the lightest shades I expect to appear on the picture, so I can layer over them later.


And here is the first version of the finished line work. I didn’t know coming into the picture that I’d be doing a deep, angular style, but it sort of came about while I was desperately trying to find a way to make his facial features pop, and I just sort of rolled with it.


Aaand here’s version two. Once I had a good long look at my first finished version I realized that he in no way looked like he was splitting the floor apart. In-game, the Avatar bends over forward and smashes the ground with both fists. A powerful image, but not one that does a very good job of what the big guy looks like. Hence my decision to have him split it with his sword. And my subsequently forgetting to have him swing the damn thing.

To that end, I completely redrew the sword, with a cursory attempt at foreshortening, and I lifted his left shoulder to give the impression he was hefting his body into the swing. Hopefully the fact he doesn’t look like he’s that into it just sells how strong he is.


And finally I tarted him up with textures and shading to make him a big solid chunky boy. It says a lot about how discordant the foreground ended up becoming that I had trouble keeping THIS hunk of chunk in focus.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to, lately. Seeya soon for a Nuzlocke page.

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