Maiden of Vigilance – DRAWN

Now that the guild’s progressing on Maiden of Vigilance, I need to have a drawing ready for our kill video!


In terms of style, this is a huge departure from my previous pictures – partly because I am practising something for my second commission (which demands a more expressive, less overtly cartoony style of drawing than my usual output) and partly because since the Cheok drawing I have come to quite like the more chaotic, sketch-heavy style of drawing. It beats labouring for hours to produce clean – yet sterile – lines and colours. I like the greater depth of shading and texture the scribbles give me, to the point that I added plenty of superfluous ones as an extra layer near the end. I like her necklace – the way it looks like thick paint, messy and sticky.

The background is crap, obviously, but that was more my own frame of reference when doing the colouring. My kill video pictures are always transparent, like so:


But that looks ugly, doesn’t it? It’ll look better with a video going on in the background, of course.

The best part of this picture? It took me 3 and a half hours. Which is a bit better than the 18 hour monstrosity that was mistress Sass’zine.

Seeya in the next couple of days for a Nuzlocke page. And then more art after that. The practise never stops!

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