Oh Hey, I Got a Commission

This happened quite a while ago now, and is one of the several things I was getting on with when I said I’d “been busy” in previous blog posts.

Mr Popcorntroller Base Watermark.png

This is Mr. Popcorntroller. Mr. Popcorntroller was commissioned by an acquaintance who is looking to start up a YouTube channel for film, TV & game criticism and analysis. They wanted a tub of popcorn with a PS4 remote and DVD remote sticking out them, wearing glasses, with the capacity for “anime-esque” facial expressions. They also wanted several different facial expressions, so their cartoon avatar can emote in the videos, similar to the channel “I Hate Everything”.

Mr Popcorntroller Happy 2 Watermark.png

I ended up doing around 10 different facial expressions. I could have done more but time was a factor (didn’t want to drive the poor guy’s costs too high) and, quite simply, I had a flair for the expressive. I could have just changed the eyes to denote joy. OR I could tilt the bucket and have some popcorn spill out. The latter takes longer, but is a bit more fun, I think. Quality over quantity, and all that.

Mr Popcorntroller Angry 3 Watermark.png

Likewise, what better way to denote anger than with a volcanic avalanche of popcorn? I went a little bit off-brief with all these animated expressions, but I hoped they’d be well-received.

And they were! I am pleased to announce that my first paid commission resulted in a happy customer, and that I already have another paid commission lined up. Here’s hoping I can retain my 100% customer satisfaction rate when I’m done there.

In the meantime, I’ll keep putting out Nuzlocke pages as well as various bits of art I do while practising  – and at this point I’m pleased to say I’m lucky enough to be able to practise every day.

If anything I put up here ever catches your eye and you fancy a commission of your own, feel free to reach me on my contact page, and we’ll work out the details!

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