Nuzlocke Page #8

Oh hey I’m still, in fact, doing these pages!

Yellow Page 8.png

Sorry this one took so damn long; I’ve been busy, I promise.

At the very least I’ve been practising drawing in the meantime and I feel a lot more confident going forward with this comic now than I did when I started. Obviously, there’s a bit of an art style change, but no one will mind, I’m sure.

I’ve decided to go black and white and focus on shading because this will help me sell the creepy, dreary, horror-y vibe I want this nuzlocke to have over all. If things get too bright and colourful that’s undermined. I might use SOME colour here and there to emphasise things, but it shouldn’t be too common an occurrence.

I’ve also simplified my art style and made the line work more jagged (see my previous blog post as to why). Not only should this help the mood I’m hoping to create, it’s also much, MUCH quicker to draw pages this way, which will make keeping this comic going at a decent pace will be far more viable now.

Seeya soon for Page 9, as well as another bit of art I might as well show off.


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