Drawing Progress

Hey hey! Been busy lately with all manner of projects – I swear one day I will manage my time more harmoniously. One thing I’ve been doing is creating kill videos for my guild while raiding Mythic Tomb of Sargeras, and since I’m whimsical, I’ve been drawing pictures for each one. Let’s take a look at my progress.

#1: Goroth


My first drawing, and before I expected I was going to take things quite as seriously as I have begun to. This is just a very quick sketch of Goroth’s top half, with a cigar for some reason. I had a lot of fun with the colours and glow effects here.

Drawing time: < One Hour


#2: Harjatan


This one is based on the rather cute line “Come, little friends! Crush!” as well as the mythic-only adds, Drippy, Sickly and Colicky Tadpoles. The tidal wave is there because my GM wanted one.

Drawing time: 4 Hours


#3: Demonic Inquisition


The back-to-back pose is again a GM suggestion, and this is around the time I seriously started to spend a LOT of time trying to get in the little details. Probably my least favourite of the bunch.

Drawing time: 8 Hours


#4: Sisters of the Moon


Well, Huntress Kasparian, more specifically. This started as a fun riff on her Glaive Storm ability, which was the single most difficult ability for me to deal with (dodged every single one in the latest kill though, woo!). However, with my steadily-growing standards I realized I needed to get the details of the night elven armour in there. And have discovered that I hate night elven armour. Fiddly, overly-detailed stuff. My longest drawing by far, though Mistress Sassz’ine might give that a run for its money. I’m still drawing it.

Drawing Time: 14 Hours (!!!)


#5: Desolate Host


After the long slog that was Kasparian, I was ready to phone that one in, especially since we defeated Desolate Host like a day later, thus necessitating another kill video quickly. However, those damn standards got the better of me again, and I decided to give it some welly. Those very rough-looking chains you see are all that remain of the VERY rushed style I originally did the entire picture in.

I tried here to combine the disciplined neatness of Kasparian and the bright and boundless colours of Goroth into a “best of both worlds” comic book style in which things look neat and under control without going too sterile (something I think hinders the Kasparian picture in places). I am pretty proud of how it ended up, and I see this as a straight improvement on the likes of Demonic Inquisition, in which I tried to be detail-oriented and fun, but some of said details look a little bit “messy”. Here, I think everything looks much crisper and closer to what I was hoping to create. Another thing helping me compare the two is they took the exact same amount of time to draw.

Drawing time: 8 Hours


And so that’s what I’ve been busy with drawing-wise! Writing-wise, I’ve been very busy indeed. But I can’t show any of that here – yet!

Sorry for once again neglecting this poor little bloggy-bloo. I promise I’ll keep you all more in the loop with what I’m up to going forward.

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