Yellow Nuzlocke Comic Page #1

What? It’s been three weeks? Well, in my defense, it was my birthday. And I was getting to grips with this whole comic thing. I spent longer than I want to admit on different variations of this first page. Anyway, the gravy train has started now. Let’s get going.

Yellow Page 1

Here it is. Page one of many. Since the old “gag-a-second” format of Nuzlocke runs have been done to death, I’ve decided instead to just get really, really creepy. Hopefully we’ll end up with the Pokémon Nuzlocke equivalent of Salad Fingers as I kick into gear.

I know consistency is important, so from now on you have my solemn oath that I will produce at least one page per week (at least until my next big distraction) and will hopefully improve at this as I go along so I can eventually ramp up to two or more.

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