Pokémon Yellow Nuzlocke: Coming Soon!

There’s not been much bloggy stuff going on lately; I’ve been busy with that whole War Stores thing, the writing of which was the reason for creating this blog in the first place, but just because I’m doing a lot of writey stuff doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in some drawey stuff too.

yellow nuzlocke poster.png

I used to draw comics, and I want to start up with that again, but while I’m working out some concepts and characters to move forward with that, I thought I’d get back into the swing of it with a Nuzlocke run of the game Pokémon Yellow.

Don’t know what a Nuzlocke run is? It’s simple:

Rule #1: Any Pokémon which faints must be deposited into your PC and released. (Dead, in other words.)
Rule #2: You may only attempt to capture the first Pokémon you encounter on any new route. If that Pokémon is knocked out or fled from, you may not attempt to capture another.

Rule #3: You must nickname all your Pokémon.

Rule #4: You must draw a comic about it. (People aaaalways forget this rule!)

There are plenty of other rules people have added to it over time, but those are all considered “optional.” For the purpose of my run, I’ll be adhering to those rules, as well as a fifth I made up:

Rule #5: If Pikachu faints, the entire run is over.

I made that rule because, well, Pokémon Yellow just isn’t Pokémon Yellow if you don’t have a Pikachu following you, is it?

I’ve also created about 40 other “wild card” rules, which I’ll randomly add to my rules after the defeat of each gym leader, just to keep things interesting.

Seeyou soon for the first comic strip; hopefully, it’ll be a lot of fun!


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