Drawings: Whimsicott Win! and bonus

This week’s drawings are Pokémon based, because I actually love Pokémon way more than I love Steven Universe and my doodling habits should reflect that.

Whimsicott Win

This picture is celebrating a recent win of mine in a Pokémon online battle. Some people, when they win, move on with their lives. I commemorate the event with art.

In fairness to me, my beloved Whimsicott, Ferne (Cotton) deserves the recognition. She took out a Mega Salemence (baton-passed various stat boosts) with a single Twinkle Tackle, and then proceeded to pick apart Driflblim and Tapu Fini without taking a scratch (Encore is the best move ever against opponents who are trying be clever >:D)

I appreciate that I’ve made Ferne’s body larger than the average Whimsicott, but that’s by design. Any Pokémon under my care is gonna end up being a little chub.

I’m reasonably happy with the line work, and I delberately kept the shading simple to keep with Pokémon’s cartoony style. I’ll try and draw something more complex soon, though.


This little guy is because my little sister challenged me to draw a Pokémon fusion, to which we each picked one component. I picked Tangrowth (naturally) and she picked Pyroar.

Obviously, Tangrowth is very much the dominant part of the fusion here, since Pyroar is basically just a lion, but I like to think I’ve thrown in at least a few nods. The purple tips on Tangrowth’s front vines are meant to evoke Pyroar’s mane and seperate it from the rest of its body. The sleek lion body has ended up becoming much bulkier and woolly, and the feet remain Tangrowth-style while having Pyroar’s colour scheme.

The tail uses the colour scheme of Pyroar’s mane, while being modelled after one of Tangrowth’s arms, and I imagine it as being a poisonous appendage, rather than a fiery one.

The way I see it, rather than gaining a fire typing, Tangroar here becomes grass/poison, with the scorpion-like tail being laden with poisonous spores that cause a terrible burning sensation in its victims. So the fire aspect of this guy is symbolic as opposed to literal.

I cop-out, maybe, to not try and make a grass/fire type (which would be a very cool typing I designed fakemons all the time for when I was, like, 12). But Pyroar just doesn’t have enough fiery about them bring out in the design. The only fiery part of them is the mane, and sticking pyroar’s mane on a Tangrowth felt a bit obvious.

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