Daria Lapis

Just a quick art entry this week, courtesy of onlyfragments, who described Lapis Lazuli’s current characterization in Steven Universe as “Daria-esque”. I decided to draw it.

Daria Lapis

Even threw in a cheeky quote from “The New Crystal Gems” because it just fits so well. Anyway, not much to say about this drawing; this is definitely one of the quicker ones I’ve done, even quicker than that Carnivine rush job last week. I deliberately kept the colours flat and the lines thick and ugly to mimick that Daria style, but I have to admit I like how this one came out a lot. Lines are currently a big problem for me as a still-learning artist and I have wasted hours upon hours upon hours in the past trying desperately to craft the perfect lines only to have them look stiff and off.

To have then very quickly and easily drawn up some deliberately stiff lines and have them come out pretty darn well with only a bit of wonkiness here and there is actually a delight for me. Who knows. Maybe I am finally turning a corner when it comes to lines, my so-far archnemesis.

It’d be nice.

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