Weekly Scribbles: Carnivine

So, I know I haven’t been fantastic at keeping up my blog’s schedule so far, but since the cosmos have seen fit to bless me with a few spoons as of late I am going to invest some of them into getting back into the swing of things. That means one drawing from me per week; if only so the “and also draws” tagline on my blog makes sense. Please don’t expect anything close to quality here! This is purely a hobbyist trying to improve, rather than a proper artist showing off their stuff. With that out the way, let’s have a look at what I done this week…


So this here is Carnivine, a grass-type Pokémon I like quite a lot (if only it were more competitively viable…) leaping at the viewer with the presumed intent to kill. It wasn’t what I intended to draw this week. At first I was doing some more Undertale Fanfic because there’s still so much I want to do there, but I was falling into a trap that has been plaguing my artistic efforts so far.

Namely,  I do some rough sketch lines to give myself an overall outline of the drawing, and then try to do them in neat. And then I watch in despair as, over the course of literal hours my perfectly servicable, actually rather expressive sketch lines are replaced by stiff, stilted, lifeless, downright displeasing lines all in the name of neatness.

I’ve seen some beautiful line art out there. But it ain’t coming from me. Not yet. I don’t have the skills to pay those particular bills. So I scrapped that bit of misery and went for something quick and cartoonish with the intent to just keep my sketch lines and see if I can make anything decent out of it.

Obviously, there’s a lot of work I could do to improve this, but I spent so long on the failed bit of art that this was a bit of a rush job. I also indulged my habit of totally Bob Rossing the backgrounds – since I didn’t want to take any risks with the Carnivine itself I decided I’d use the tree to experiment with the blending of colour. I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Like, I don’t think this is good. I wouldn’t call this the work of someone with skill. But at least it’s way less dreary to look at than the increasingly clinical garbage I spent the better part of a day agonizing over.

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