Oh what, it’s been a month and a half? Bloody hell, I am shit at blogging. I paid for the fancypants domain name, I should probably try and use this thing more.

I’m just not really inclined to air what I’m thinking out loud publicly, which is why my Twitter keeps collecting dust over and over and over again. But at the same time, you have to be all social networky these days if you want to do anything, right? Ah well. Time for some inane chitchat.

I am currently at Cornwall with my wife. She’s been in a bad way lately and this is her ultimate place of healing. We went out to the pier tonight (not technically allowed as it’s still the-sea-could-suddenly-kill-you weather)  and spent a lovely time in the chilly, salty breezy air. Me being the sort of troglodyte who really only needs a good internet connection and reasonable PC hardware to survive, it’s really cool to see someone who is so connected to a particular place. She wants to live here one day, and I am sure we can manage it. Her drive, determination and skill will get her anywhere she wants to be in due time. And if I can get my writing going in the meantime and thus be able to help out a little bit, that will just be an incredible bonus.

Speaking of writing, War Stores is still going strong. I will show off some of it on this blog in the next few days – I am going to use this holiday as a way to get back into my more creative endeavors. I’ve spent a lot of the last month glued to World of Warcraft and recording YouTube videos – the latter of which because my lovely wife likes watching them (and I adore creating things for her – there are literally hundreds of thousands of words of writing I’ve done that will never show up here because I wrote it all for her) and the former of which because WoW with music and/or a podcast is a good way to keep my anxiety in check. Horrifically time-consuming, yes, but at least I am chill and therefore better company.

Well, that’s me checking in. Expect to see some actual writing on here soon now that I’ve gotten my laptop all set up here. And I’ll try and post up some of my more inane thoughts up here more frequently as well. Justify the cost of the domain, and all that.


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