Huffblog #2 – After Dark!

Well it’s 1am and I didn’t do any actual work writing today so I’ll just do a veeery quick Huffblog then be on my merry way.

Basically, I ended up playing World of Warcraft a lot more than I intended to. Had our Thursday Mythic Raid, and was able to get Elerethe Renferal down! Which is excellent. There are a lot of new people on the team and they seemed to have a good time, so hopefully we’re well on the way to a more permanent, cohesive roster.

After that, I had to actually do something as a Guild Officer. It was supposed to be a cushy do-nothing position, damn it! One of our new tanks, a Warrior (which I’m sure my wife will approve of!) recommended a Holy Paladin they knew, which is something our guild needs. So me and the other officers got in touch with them and managed to get them on board as a trial, but I strongly suspect they’ll have no trouble getting in… We looked at their logs and their play is literally perfect, no hyperbole. So I suppose that’s my lofty position at the top of the healing meters ever and done with. I’m going to have to work for it from now on! (Kidding by the way, HPS means sod-all in terms of how good a healer you actually are).

What’s weird though is that the tank who recommended this Holy Paladin said I was the best Resto Shaman they’ve seen this expansion. That’s terrifying. How long until I blow my cover? How long until they realize I’m actually hot garbage? I cast way too many Healing Surges on Renferal tonight and not nearly enough Chain Heals. I’m awful and as soon as they realize that I’m DOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!


You wouldn’t think Imposter’s Syndrome is something you have to worry about in a videogame, but there you are.

But nah, in all seriousness, this guild is shaping up wonderfully. Glad I took a chance on it 🙂

And I will get back to work tomorrow. Promise.



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